Ivor Van Wingerden

Ivor Van Wingerden is the manager of operations for Ocean Breeze Farms in San Luis Obispo County.  他负责管理东方百合, 亚洲百合, and Hydrangea and Gerbera programs for Ocean Breeze and also farms Hass avocados.  2005年,艾弗以B级的成绩毕业于kok娱乐大学伯克利分校.S. 工商管理. He was one of the youngest members to complete the California Agricultural Leadership Program in 2009. He lives in Arroyo Grande with 他的妻子 Brooks and three daughters. 

总经理 & 旧金山花卉市场首席运营官

珍妮薄熙来 assumed the role of 总经理 and 首席运营官 of the San Francisco Flower Mart in 2017, after serving as the Director of Communications for the Flower Mart from June 2009. 她仍然肩负着许多沟通的责任. Jeanne has spent the last twenty plus years in the floral industry, 在操作中工作, 营销与传播.




马克·罗宾逊 is working for Delaware Valley Floral Group in Oxnard, CA. He has 35+ years of floral industry experience in sales, marketing, production and logistics. Marc has worked in wholesale, mass market, and e-commerce channels in the industry. His experience will complement an already strong board in efforts to implement initiatives that kok娱乐app has planned for 2018-2019.


Francis Biddle International, Inc .总裁兼所有者. (联邦调查局鲜花)

弗兰克•比德尔 is the president and owner of Francis Biddle International, Inc. (联邦调查局鲜花) as well as owner and CEO of Tradewinds International, LLC.  比德尔自1987年以来一直从事花卉业务. 弗兰克在成长方面有丰富的经验, 航运及进口合并, 并在kok娱乐各地广泛传播, 南美, Mexico and Africa to stay connected with his friends in the industry. Frank lives in Del Mar, California with 他的妻子 Jennifer and two sons Joseph and George. 不在办公室的时候, 弗兰克喜欢冲浪, 骑自行车,和他的鸟狗雷米一起在东县的山上徒步旅行.


Joost Bongaerts
总统 & Florabundance公司首席执行官. & 花园玫瑰直销

Joost began his professional career in 1981 marketing fresh cut flowers from Holland for The Dutch Flower Auctions & 出口商组织,首先在荷兰,然后在密歇根州的利沃尼亚. From 1983 to 1991 Joost worked for 几个 Dutch Flower Bulb Companies selling flower bulbs and perennial plants to specialty cut flower growers in The United States and Canada. In 1991 Joost and 他的妻子 Alexandra opened a European-style retail flower shop in New Canaan, CT, 他们在2002年卖给了他们的经理. 在此期间, Joost also imported flowers from Holland and was president of First American Florist, an online wholesale flower company 航运 flowers from Holland started to do business with Florabundance, 公司于2002年成为合伙人,并于2008年最终成为全资所有者.

Joost’s background and experience in selling flower bulbs to growers, importing cut flowers and running a successful retail flower shop provides a unique perspective from which he has developed the Florabundance brand into one of the premier wholesalers in the United States. Joost and Alexandra moved from Connecticut to California in 2008 and have two grown children.



Luis started working in the floral industry in 1990 and is knowledgeable in all aspects of sales, 日益增长的, 航运, 和会计. Luis began his 日益增长的 production in 1996 in the Valley Center area, 1997年,kok娱乐商品交易所开始营业. 和他的妻子一起, 以斯帖, they were able to grow and eventually open a second operation in Watsonville in 2009, Fiorebella. Now in his 25th year as a business owner he is happy to work alongside two of his three children.



Pat brings a wealth of floral industry experience to the kok娱乐app Board, 不仅是因为他在马耶什花店的成功, but from his previous leadership positions with the Wholesale Florists & 花商供应商协会&FSA)和美国花商协会(SAF). 

首席运营官 & 高级销售主管

本 is currently 首席运营官 and 高级销售主管 of 荷兰美国花卉有限责任公司. 他于1980年从荷兰移民到伍德兰华盛顿, where he worked on the family farm (Holland American Bulb Farms) throughout his childhood. In 1986, 他的家人创办了四季花卉公司, 现在的正式名称是荷兰美洲花, 2007年,他成为销售经理.

He is past 总统 of the Northwest Bulb Growers Association and is a current Board member for both kok娱乐app and SAF. 花儿是他的生命!  本, 他的妻子, 2012年6月,他们带着四个女儿搬到了kok娱乐, 他们目前居住的地方.



丽莎Filice是区域农场公司的总裁兼首席执行官., a flower shipper of cut flowers and greenery established in 1982 and located in Northern California.  在收购区域农场公司之前. 2011年与丈夫迈克尔, Lisa worked in Sales and Administration for Regional Farms and Wayne's Wholesale.

丽莎还拥有表达花卉, a retail floral business specializing in weddings and special events throughout Northern California.  Lisa自2013年以来一直是kok娱乐app董事会成员.


杰森·肯德尔 is the Chief Pilot at Kendall Farms in Fallbrook, CA.  He has 25 plus years of experience in the floral industry in 日益增长的, wholesale and mass market.  Jason serves on the board of the Fallbrook Food Pantry and is an Advisory Board member of Samaritan Aviation.  He also has real estate investments in multifamily and single family residences in 6 states.  他和妻子丹妮尔以及两个孩子住在福布鲁克.  他喜欢旅游、冲浪、山地自行车、网球、 & pickleball.



金工藤是金花卉网络公司的老板.这家花卉公司于1997年在南kok娱乐成立.  在创办自己的公司之前, Kim worked as the Sales Manager at Frazee Flowers in Carlsbad and at Dramm & 在恩西尼塔斯.

Kim has held 几个 positions during prior terms on the kok娱乐app 董事会, 包括总统, 副总统, 过去的总统 & 秘书/财务主管.  She also chaired the biennial kok娱乐app Fun ‘N Sun Convention numerous times and has been involved in the planning and execution of this event for many years.  Kim brings a very strong working knowledge of the California farm and supply base, 以及与协会本身的很多经验.




罗宾·范德·沙夫 immigrated from Holland in 1994 to start working for Sun Valley 花卉农场 在阿卡塔,kok娱乐. 在那里,他负责小苍兰项目 几个 各种各样的农作物.

In 1996 Robin moved to Southern California and became the warehouse and quality control manager for Flamingo Holland Inc. (A球茎进口公司). Few years later he filled a sales position and serviced many of the Cut flower growers on the West coast. 他在火烈鸟的最后15年是他们的总经理. Currently he is working for 2Plant which is a company supplying lilies, 卡拉斯, and a large variety of perennials to wholesale growers across North America.